Key Impact Indicator



  • Provide opportunities for students to deepen their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills particularly in digital marketing, whether through online or F2F learning and training.
  • Provide exposure and awareness to students related to business opportunities by using
    digital and social media applications in creating business opportunities, especially in the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) era.
  • Increase the level of entrepreneurship and digital marketing skills among IHL students to enable them becoming job creators.
  • Produce more students and IHL graduates who venture into the field of entrepreneurship using digital platforms, primarily through social media such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Practising the knowledge and skills through an apprenticeship with MSEs in transforming businesses towards digitization.
  • Provides case studies resulting from the implementation and impact of digital commerce by supervising academics to MSEs.

129 Students

Students attend workshop and training sessions conducted by experts in Digital Commerce domain. They are exposed to digital marketing concepts, especially through social media.

Attached to Micro-Small Enterprise (MSE) entrepreneurs to assist in the development of marketing operations digitally or online. This attachment, aka ‘Living lab’ is for them to apply the knowledge on digital marketing directly and practically.

Develop a digital marketing strategy or blueprint based on selected MSE products or services.

Students potentially become entrepreneurs or business partners with selected MSE entrepreneurs.

43 MSE Entrepreneurs

Micro Small Enterprises (MSE) are the Living Lab for the students where the students are attached to the businesses to explore and collaboratively improve the businesses through the digital presence and becoming digitally enabled enterprises. Students could apply their knowledge to a real-life business and the MSE increases their competitiveness by becoming digitally transformed.  

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43 Academic Supervisors

52 academic supervisors will supervise 52 teams comprising 156 students. Which means one team comprises 3 students and one academic supervisor. The entrepreneurial supervisors are experienced in digital entrepreneurship. This one team will undergo a living lab apprenticeship with one MSE under the supervision of an Academic Supervisor.   

20 Business Registrations

Students are provided the opportunity to establish their business through a formal registration with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). Incorporating their business is an indicator that the students are serious about venturing into entrepreneurship endeavors.

Incorporating their venture will open a bigger potential for transforming the student becoming Digital Marketing Junior Consultant.

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129 Apprenticeship attachment allowance & Co-Working Space Rental Allowance

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Students are eligible for an allowance of RM400 per individual, which is considered as the apprenticeship allowance. Also, every student is eligible to receive a fixed amount of co-working space rental allowance for the rental payment of a working station .

The ubiquities working culture has grown into a lifestyle for entrepreneurs. A dedicated space aka co-working space becomes a preferred choice that allows them to collaborate and even socialize with not only their team members but other available entrepreneurs as well. It’s proven that co-working space could foster strong bonding and enhance the community interactions of like-minded people. IDEA@KPT encourages the building of community so they could experience the daily life of real entrepreneurs. Here IDEA@KPT provides co-working space allowances to all participating students. 

43 Case Studies

Case studies are developed based on the impact of digital marketing on the performance of MSE entrepreneurs.

The measures of impact from the execution of digital marketing programs are recorded through their digital existence (visibility) of the business branding on social media, the number of followers, the likes, reach, share, etc.

The number of increased revenue because of digital marketing strategies developed by the students will also be reported.

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Projects Done
Micro Small Enterprises
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